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There is a large range of sources of information for Health and Safety, many of which are based around business, however these resources are still useful for Churches and Places of Worship.  ChurchSafey do not make any specific recommendations about what resources to use, however any good bookshop should have a range of suitable titles.

Contacts for other organisations

The Health and Safety Executive publish many useful books and leaflets about Health and Safety. Much of the information is available free of charge, but note that it is typically written for business.  Nevertheless, this is a useful website to use for most subjects from general topics, such as Risk Assessment, to specific topics, such as Manual Handling or Electricity.

The UK Government Website can be used to access free downloads of the Fire Risk Assessment guides (for guidance applicable to premises in England and Wales on the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005).

For general enquiries about Health and Safety and food hygiene please contact the Environmental Health Department of your local Council (Borough, District or Unitary Authority).

For advice about Fire Safety, please contact your local Fire and Rescue Service (using the non-emergency number found in the telephone directory).

If you are part of a larger organisation or denomination, you should be able to contact someone in a central (or diocesan) office for advice on policies and procedures that apply to your organisation or diocese.

Health and Safety Consultants

Further advice can be sought from consultants and Health and Safety Practitioners, such as our partner, National Health and Safety Co. Ltd, who would be more than happy to discuss your safety needs.

Remember that if you are in any doubt about Health and Safety issues, always consult a qualified Safety Practitioner or other specialist.

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